Passaponti Metal CLeaning Technology



multi stage spray washers - rotating table - front loading

ROTO-CAB® WR washers are one-chamber machines designed for automatic wash-rinse operations with water-base cleaning liquids at medium temperature followed by a drying process, if required. They are used in production cycles or for application where a high and constant level of cleanliness is required. The multi-stages automatic process and all related functions are controlled by PLC. The operating principle is the same of the single stage ROTO-CAB®.

ROTO-CAB®WR washers are constructed with the same criteria of the single stage machines but have two tanks and spray systems completely independent. An air-operated valve, specifically designed, selects the system according to the wash or rinse process avoiding mixing of liquids.

The control START initiates the automatic cycle with the following functions while the platform is rotating:

  • Wash    liquid selection valve sets to the wash tank - the wash pump starts - at the end of the time set the pump stops
  • Stand-by    wash liquid flows back to its tank
  • Rinse    liquid selection valve sets to the rinse tank - the rinse pump starts - at the end of the time set the pump stops
  • Stand-by    rinse liquid flows back to its tank
  • Ventilation    centrifugal fan starts - cool air from the ambient enters the chamber - chamber is purged of vapours - the fan stops
  • Drying    blower and the air heating start creating a hot air stream within the chamber - at the end of the time set the heating stops
    at the end of the time set the fan stops -

    Rotation of the platform also stops - the door opens
The drying cycle, available only on VDT model, is carried out in two phases: purging the wash chamber from vapours and then with hot air in a closed loop. The air heating is electric with elements having a limited thermal inertia for a precision setting of the temperature. The hot air process is followed by a non-heated blow to reduce the temperature of parts and saving also energy.

The control panel contains the program panel of the PLC with LCD display for settings and selection of the functions. The system has four different wash programs, automatic and manual filling, heating up timer with day/hour program, fault survey, pressure monitoring and all the other instruments and functions common to ROTO-CAB® washers.

ROTO-CAB®WR washers are produced in three models with platforms of mm. 800, 1000 or 1200, and can be also equipped with a wide range of accessories such as the oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge type filtration systems, automatic filling and more.