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May 30, 2016


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Cellular & Linear manufacturing


ultrasonic cleaning for all

industrial applications



cleaning technology

machines and much more

EMO Hannover 2011

EMO Hannover - 2011

Cleaning technology is ....

the synergy of the chemical and mechanical knowledge, where the chemical one interfaces with the contaminant and the mechanical one with the part.... Cleaning is always a chemical-physical action based on factors interacting with each other to obtain the result.....  All this, integrated with the knowledge of the contaminants and the processes that generate them, is called "know-how"......A cleaning problem has never one solution only, even though only one is the best for a specific application...


competence is based on knowledge

Verification of cleanliness according to ISO 16232 - ISO 18413

Safety of washing machines according to EN 12921.

try the competence,submit your cleaning problem: fast consultant service is a

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Compact tunnel washer in automotive ambient

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to know "how clean is clean"


a compact lab with a software to guide the operator through the procedure for the evaluation of cleanliness according to ISO 16232 and 18413

information on methods for the determination of cleanliness

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Top loading on a rotary table a compact spray washer for heavy duty applications

The entry level in spray and immersion cleaning


From the single unit up to the Multi-Dip autumatic lines for high output immersion cleaning
the spray technology, single and multistage, for linear and cellular manufacturing in all industries

information on immersion cleaning technology enhanced by agitation

and/or ultrasonics

Carosel washers a wide range for indexed cleaning of parts in production cells ensuring high output and precision cleaning
heavy duty spray washer based on a stationary platform and reciprocating spray system for heavy and large size parts
front loading washer with rotary table, single or multi-phase for wash, rinse and dry. Manual or air operated vertical door
coalesces and separates the oil from water, 97% efficiency up to 30 l/m capacity - fully integrated with the washer or independent

Rent a machine and protect yourself from bad surprises..

You don't know how to approach your cleaning problem?

Rent a machine and make a guided test


manual and automatic lines for NDT by penetrants liquids

quenching and washing machines

our products and services include also:

  • Cleanliness tests according to  ISO 16232 and 18413 with gravimetric and microscopic analysis
  • Consumables - detergents for all applications
  • Rental
  • Subcontract Cleaning Service
  • Process Development/Improvement

Passaponti - Florence - Italy

PASSAPONTI metal cleaning technology srl

Via Pio La Torre - 50018 Scandicci - Florence - Italy - TVA 03616710483

MRO Aero - Madrid


Machines Italia




Munich - Germany


MRO center - Madrid




washing tunnels for interprocess cleaning


Michigan - USA



consultancy & services

Verification of cleanliness

and analysis of contaminants on Perkins engine according to Fiat PWT procedure

 motor cycle engine analysis of contaminats for optimization of the level of cleanliness

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High performances, compact.

single chamber washer for spray - immersion - ultrasonic - fast drying

R&D project with University of Florence supported by

EU and Tuscany Region