pressure washers with revolving basket

ROTO-SPRAY® washers are designed for the pressure cleaning, by means of water base detergents, of parts which are rotating during the process; they are suitable for applications otherwise of difficult solution.

The cleaning system is based on high impact jets combined with the revolving movement of the basket and parts. The result is of high efficiency in the wash of parts with recesses and blind holes to remove metal chips or contaminants requiring a strong mechanical action.

With an extremely compact design and reduced footprint the ROTO-SPRAY® washers are used in the production cells for cleaning parts in batch or positioned on pallets.

Pressure washing machine with revolving basket

The operating principle is based on a basket holder with revolving movement and a certain number of nozzles with high flow and impact. The system is driven by a gearmotor with torque limiter and can hold a basket for parts in batch or a pallet. Revolving movement can be continuous or indexed for precision cleaning of difficult-to-reach zones, holes or recesses.

The machine consists of a chamber with the spray and the revolving systems accessible through a front door, and one or two tanks posed and the process chamber.

ROTO-SPRAY® washers can be configured for a single stage - only wash - or multi stages process for wash, rinse and eventually drying. The operating cycle is fully automatic controlled by PLC.

The automatic cycle is started by the operator: the basket holder initiates the rotation and the following functions:

  • Wash    the wash pump starts and stops at the end of the time set
  • Stand-by    wash liquid flows back to its tank
  • Rinse    the rinse pump starts and stop at the end of the time set
  • Stand-by    rinse liquid flows back to its tank
  • Ventilation  centrifugal fan starts - cool air from the ambient enters the chamber - the chamber is purged of vapours - the fan stops
  • Drying    blower and the air heating start creating a hot air stream within the chamber - the heating stops at the end of the time set - then the fan stops - the basket holder stops - the door opens

The liquid reservoir is easily accessible for maintenance. It is equipped with facilities for manual and automatic fill, discharge of spent liquid, marine type clean out door for internal cleaning, low/high level control and overweir. Before reentering the spray circuit the wash liquid passes through a basket filter.

The electric box contains all the electric equipment, relays and instrumentation. The control panel is composed by instruments and lamps or the PLC program panel with LC Display for time and temperature settings, heating up timer, fault survey.

ROTO-SPRAY® washers are produced for standard baskets of mm. 500 x 320 x 200, or larger in special execution, and can be integrated with additional facilities and systems for automatic filling with transfer of the liquid, mist eliminator RETEN-MIST® or vapour condenser VAPOR-MIST®, oil separator OILNET®, bag or cartridge type filtration, vacuum condensers DI&DRY® to separate contaminants generating DI water in a closed circuit.